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Academic papers

Whether you’re an English major or an engineering student, well-written papers are essential to earning good grades throughout your college career — and that same skill in communicating clearly and persuasively is even more important as an adult, be it when presenting your case for a salary raise or submitting an long report for a big client. Without strong writing, it’s much more challenging to earn credit for the great ideas or thoughtful analysis you might have, and a well-organized framework can even help you to better formulate your own thoughts and reach new insights.

Many students realize upon reaching college that they’ve never been taught how to write well, and it may be a struggle to keep up with demanding coursework and extracurricular activities while simultaneously strengthening this key skill. The Ivy Academic Coach has worked with students of all kinds, including newly-arrived freshmen, varsity athletes, international students for whom English is an additional language, transfer students playing catch-up, Ivy-league seniors facing rigorous thesis requirements, and graduate students strengthening drafts before sharing them with an advisor.