“The session was amazing! I loved working with Emily. She was so helpful in the way I can depict certain things in passages and overall, it was an A+ session. Can’t wait to work with her again!”
— Brice S., college applicant

“I don't have anything to say but to get your essays reviewed. The review is detailed and examines each sentence and the essay as a whole. Great corrections and suggestions too. It's really helpful and boosts your confidence. I was discouraged about my application but it gave me confidence and Emily is very understanding who really cares about each customer. Thank you!!!”

— ruth, college applicant

“Thank you for the help in editing my essay because it worked and I got into Penn Early Decision :)”

— Gerome, college applicant

“Great session! I had a little bit of difficulty on the math portion [of the SAT], but Emily helped me through the steps on remembering the steps on how to solve those problems."

— Tyler P., high school senior

“Thank you for your help today with the paper! Feedback was great.”

— Roberto C., university freshman



— Nathalie & KelleyAnn Q., college applicants

“Thanks for working with me today to improve my paper draft.”

— Thomas H., university junior

“Today's session was really helpful. Emily had me answer some grammar, tone, and parenthetic [ACT] questions to start off. I learned some different tools to use when needing to answer these types of questions faster than I did in the session. Overall, Emily did an amazing job and I had a great time!"

— James O., high school junior

“Thank you so very much! I appreciate your efforts in helping out!”

— Katlin J., university sophomore


“Thank you for your continued help! I will get right to work on these revisions.”

— Stephen T., university junior


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help in writing my paper.”

— Whitney S., university sophomore

“Thank you so much! My history paper is in much better shape now.”

— Emily A., university senior

“Thank you so much for the source suggestions! I found the website especially helpful, and I am well on my way on the paper.”

— Jessica M., university junior


“Emily has been meticulous in checking transcriptions for [my next] book”

— Harvard professor (endowed chair)


“Thanks so much for the comments: they're very helpful. Thanks for the assistance earlier today too!”

— Thomas K., university junior