Lightning graduate admissions essay help with coaching

Lightning graduate admissions essay help with coaching

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Prefer to talk through ideas or writing questions? Need a quick turnaround? Work face-to-face within 24 hours with the Ivy Academic Coach on video, and also receive written detailed review and proofreading of your materials for graduate program admissions.

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Depending on the current status of your essay, the Ivy Academic Coach will help with:

  • Brainstorming ideas and strategizing angle for optimal admissions chances

  • Choosing between multiple prompts to best capture student’s profile

  • Outlining content

  • Developing a “hook”

  • Editing for organization and narrative flow

  • Editing for native idiomatic English

  • Editing for engaging style, including varied syntax and impactful vocabulary

  • Editing for clarity and logical coherence

  • Proofreading (spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting)