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“I don’t have anything to say but to get your essays reviewed. The review is detailed and examines each sentence and the essay as a whole. Great corrections and suggestions too. It’s really helpful and boosts your confidence. I was discouraged about my application but it gave me confidence and Emily is very understanding who really cares about each customer. Thank you!!!”
— Ruth, college applicant
“The session was amazing! I loved working with Emily. She was so helpful in the way I can depict certain things in passages and overall, it was an A+ session. Can’t wait to work with her again!”
— Brice S., college applicant

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Graduate program admissions essays

Don’t let your statement of purpose or description of your research interests be the one thing holding your application back from admission to your dream graduate program. Work with the Ivy Academic Coach, a former admissions committee member for an elite graduate program at Notre Dame, to develop the perfect strategy for essays and writing samples, stay on track with outlines and drafts, and polish your prose before application deadlines.

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