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What kind of college applicants do you work with?

As the Ivy Academic Coach, Emily has worked with high school students of all kinds as they prepare for college, including athletic recruits, students with ADD, outstanding musicians, and international applicants all over the world.

Can you write my essay for me?

The Ivy Academic Coach does not condone plagiarism — and it doesn’t do students any favors, either, to be admitted to schools where they are unprepared for the level of academic rigor, or to submit a paper for a class that they themselves did not write and can’t discuss further. However, we recognize that educational institutions often fail students in teaching them how to write, and not everyone has access to the same resources. We can help coach students through the entire writing process, helping them to find their own voice and let their ideas shine through, while teaching skills that will be useful for many other writing assignments in the future.

Can you guarantee a certain grade or admission to a certain school?

It’s impossible to guarantee with 100% accuracy that a paper will receive an A or that an application will earn admission to Harvard, and anyone who tries to tell you this is likely lying. However, we can help you to improve your chances significantly through hard work!

can you help me meet my deadline?

If you need editing help in fewer than 24 hours, contact us. We’ve provided reviews in under 2 hours upon request in the past.

Who reads my essay or paper?

We never outsource. All coaching and feedback is provided directly by Emily, the Ivy Academic Coach.

How do I receive feedback on my essay or paper?

We use document sharing in the cloud to provide commentary on your writing in real time. With asynchronous feedback, you can send us your work before going to bed (for example), and often receive editing help by morning.

How do face-to-face sessions work?

Face-to-face sessions are held online, via Skype or Google Hangouts. We work with students all over the world!

Is this a professional editing service?

The Ivy Academic Coach is a professional editor in the publishing industry, and has worked as a private academic editor for full professors at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

Will my writing be kept confidential?

We never share writing material or your personal data.

How do I calculate A word count?

You can determine the word count of a Google doc by clicking on the “Word Count” function in the “Tools” heading. In Microsoft Word, click on the "Word Count" function either in the “Tools” heading or under the "Review" tab.


how do you accept payment?

We accept payments online from anywhere in the world via debit or credit card, or via Paypal and Venmo. If you’re experiencing difficulties completing your order, let us know and we’ll find a solution.

do you offer any discounts?

All returning clients receive a 10% discount on future orders. You may also have received a discount code through your community, which can be added at checkout.

is it possible to pay in installments?

For larger editing orders (over $300) or college counseling packages, it’s possible to pay in installments. Contact us and we’ll find what works best for you or your family.