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College admissions essays

Great college application essays are key to receiving that fat admissions envelope. Colleges and universities use these essays to get a more well-rounded picture of each student, beyond the bare statistics provided by grades and numerical test scores. Essays are an excellent chance for applicants to show off their personalities, as well as to explain any personal circumstances that may have shaped the other elements of an application. Private colleges and universities, especially the most elite, pay particular attention to essays to search out the most stellar applicants from enormous pools, and to make certain that admitted students are a good fit for the individual culture of the school. Admissions offices have stated that essays are even more important for international applicants, for whom illustrating writing skills is crucial. While gorgeous prose alone may not save a truly flawed application, a thoughtful, well-crafted essay can often tip a student over the edge into the “admit” pile.

Don’t let your personal essay be the one thing holding your application back from admission to your dream school. Work with the Ivy Academic Coach, a former admissions committee member for an elite graduate program at Notre Dame, to develop the perfect strategy for application essays, stay on track with outlines and drafts, and polish your prose before application deadlines.

College admissions counseling

In 2018, Harvard University received 42,749 applications, and sent offers of admission to 2,024 lucky students — an acceptance rate of only 4.7%. That same year, Princeton admitted 5.5% of applicants. Yale, 6.3%. Stanford, 4.4%.

As families face dropping acceptance rates at both private and public college and universities around the country, applying to college is often a source of significant stress. There are exams to schedule, lists of schools to draft, essays to revise, letters of recommendation to request, test scores to boost, grades to maintain, extracurriculars in which to excel, and above all, deadlines that cannot be missed. The application process is complex, and students and families often waste hours of effort on pursuits that barely add to an application, while missing the most crucial ways to let a student shine. Work with the Ivy Academic Coach to navigate the entire process.

Private SAT & ACT tutoring

High scores on college admissions exams like the SAT and the ACT are some of the easiest ways to improve an application. Fortunately, students a great deal of control over their scores through study and practice. The Ivy Academic Coach has helped students prepare for the SAT and the ACT from coast to coast, boosting scores significantly.