For academics and authors

“Emily has been meticulous in checking transcriptions for [my next] book.”
— Harvard professor (endowed chair)

Professional Academic editing

Publishing a nonfiction book? Submitting the next journal article or monograph to prospective presses?

Hire a professional academic editor for developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, fact-checking, and formatting. Emily (the editor) has worked full-time in publishing management for years. Past book editing clients include individual (tenured, chaired) professors at Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, as well as top nonfiction presses such as Walter de Gruyter and Aschendorff Verlag.

Editing and book preparation services available:

  • Fact-checking, transcription, and research assistance

  • Editing for organization and flow of ideas

  • Editing for native idiomatic English

  • Editing for style, including varied syntax and precise vocabulary

  • Editing for clarity and logical coherence

  • Formatting footnotes and bibliography

  • Formatting figures and text

  • Creating original charts, diagrams, data visualizations, and maps

  • Securing image publication rights

  • Proofreading (spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting)